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Consumers have little choice
There is an overwhelming perception that if consumers are educated, they will make good choices. But currently food and beverage choices are shaped by availability, affordability and most importantly relentless marketing. Easy Ways To Fat Loss Pills For Women. The food and advertising environment in South Africa makes it increasingly difficult to make healthy choices.

Currently, higher-income groups drink more sugar-sweetened beverages. But this is likely to change as the industry has started to target lower-income groups, who are more vulnerable.

The largest soft drink bottler in the country is clear about its intentions to aggressively grow its reach within the poorest sector of the population. The growth strategy will be driven by marketing and advertising to connect particular brands with aspirations and passions.  2 Best Fat Burning Pills For Women That Work. This will place an already vulnerable population at even greater risk for obesity-related diseases, and will be exacerbated by existing poor access to quality disease screening and health care.

The impact on children is even worse. One study shows that although many of the leading brands in the country have committed to marketing that promotes healthy choices for children, half of the sugar-sweetened beverage billboard advertising in Soweto is deliberately close to schools with nearby vendors providing convenient access.

In both the formal and informal convenience stores, locally known as spaza shops, these products are also strategically placed to ensure the most profitable and high-sugar ones are at eye level and easily accessible. Best 2022’s Lose Belly Fat Fast Women Pills

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