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If South Africans don’t drastically reduce the number of cool drinks, juices and sugar-sweetened beverages they drink every day, there will be more than nine million obese adults in the country by 2017.

Just three years ago, the country hit the mark of eight million obese people, making it the most obese nation on the continent and joining the likes of global heavyweights such as Mexico and the US.

The 2017 projection, captured in our study, means there will be 1.2 million more obese adults in South Africa. Fat Burning Pills For Women. And more than one-quarter of these people will be obese because of the sugar sweetened beverages they drank.

These drinks are not the only reason for the increase in obesity. But because they are high in sugar and contain no essential nutrients, they are a significant contributor. For adults, drinking just one of these beverages a day increases the likelihood of being overweight by almost 30%.

For children, this risk increases to more than 50%. 2 Buy Women’S Fat Burning Pills Online. Other factors that contribute to obesity and overweight are eating fast food or processed food on a regular basis and not exercising.

Across the country, sugar-sweetened beverages result in one death every hour. Lifestyle diseases related to obesity, which can result in stroke, blindness, amputations and kidney failure, not only shorten one’s lifespan but also affect their quality of life. Best Women’S Fat Burner Pills: Top 7 . These deaths and disabilities place a major financial strain on families and on the already overburdened healthcare system.

If preventive measures are not introduced it is highly likely that people will drink more and more sugar-sweetened drinks over the next few years.

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